The AISEM Conference is intended to provide a comprehensive picture of the expertise and skills available in Italy with particular reference to the following areas:

Materials, processes and transduction mechanisms
• micro-and nano-structured materials and their properties: synthesis and characterization;
• manufacturing technologies and innovative methods of process;
• mechanisms of interaction and signal transduction;
• polymers and polymer-based materials;
• biomaterials.


• chemical sensors;
• physical sensors;
• biological sensors;
• actuators;
• modeling and functional characterization.

Systems / Microsystems
• design methodologies;
• system integration and packaging;
• analytical microsystems;
• multi-sensor systems;
• recognition systems and signal analysis;
• sensor electronics and instrumentation
• sensor networks.


• standards;
• environmental monitoring;
• biomedical applications;
• monitoring of biological species;
• automotive;
• quality control;
• information technology (systems of reading / writing, printing systems, etc.);
• energy;
• food and agriculture;
• industry and manufacturing.